Photo Shoot Session


Wright Touch suggests pre-planning:

There are some basic points which you should aim to fulfill as a model, in terms of photo shoots and photo sessions. 

A model who knows what he/she is doing and who does not need so much managing, will definitely take a nice stand with the photographer. If you show flexibility and you can adapt to the setting easily, this will make the session much more at ease, and will consequently allow for the photo shoot to go according to plan without delays or disruption.

The second, you should never arrive to a photo shoot looking tired and exhausted as this will have an effect on the photo shoot in a variety of ways. 

Thirdly, when you have a photo shoot scheduled, always come well prepared. Usually all details relating to a photo shoot are discussed and set beforehand, therefore coming to a shoot with all the necessary items is vital. This is a good representation of your own reliability, so in order to appear as professional as possible, make sure you come fully prepared.

In addition to the latter, always make sure you arrive on time. Nobody appreciates waiting around, especially as Studio time is often based on hourly fees. So it’s always better to come early rather than late.

When all the preparations have been made for the shoot, then starts your one-on-one with the photographer. Your ability to communicate with the photographer is key as it sets the tone and speed of the shoot. So listen to the instructions of the photographer carefully and try to make our job as easy as possible. Naturally, the more you and a photographer work together, the smoother the photo shoot, but whether it’s your first or your tenth time working together, feel free to ask the photographer what he want in order to facilitate for the most effective working environment.


Studio Location: 6229 Hwy 305 Olive Branch, Ms. 38654 (straight down Riverdale). This is a full studio with both strobe and continuous lighting, reflectors, gel, soft boxes, etc. A full size dressing room with track lights, mirrors, etc. We also have a viewing room for you to proof and rate your pics. to assure your best looks to be edited and delete the ones not suitable. Your images can also be viewed and selected online (password protected). Our shooting area is totally private, this prevent unwanted guests during your session.

MUA and/or Advanced creative director are available upon request for an additional charge.  

A word about the photo session ~ We shoot unlimited proofs per clothing/backdrop change, averaging about 20min. per look.

Capturing the perfect expression is a numbers game for most people. We shoot several proofs and reserve up to an hour to work with you. This allows time to relax in front of the camera experiment with a backdrop or clothing change, and review images on monitor during the session.

On-location ( will be an additional charge) ~ Our on-location shoots don't just consist of just a camera and flash, on-location shoots consist of portable studio lighting with portable power supply, reflectors, soft boxes, gels, etc. We may also supply a portable changing station if needed.

Our Session prices are located in the lower Right of our main web page.