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Event Photography



"Freelance Photography"

Have a freelance photographer take professional photographs for your website, newsletter or as a keepsake for your guests. Perfect for corporate events, golf days, seasonal parties, conferences and sales meetings. We also provide coverage for social events and special engagements including, family/class reunions, banquets, shows, sports, etc. 

  • $150 (1st hour)
  • $75 each additional hour
  • Discounts may be applied for coverage exceeding 3 hours
  • Booking fee is required to reserve your date.
  • Balance due upon arrival at your event.
  • Balance Corporate Events may be invoiced (net 30)

Your Coverage Includes:

  • (1) Professional freelance photographer (additional photographers are available)
  • Unlimited, digitally-captured images
  • All of your high-resolution images on CD (copyright release)
  • Basic retouching and cropping
  • 6-months internet viewing within 48 hours of your event date (password protected or viewable to the public)
  • Option to purchase prints or download images from the internet



 On-Site Printing

"Photo Booth"

  • A mini studio is set up at your event, ready to photograph and print your guests' pictures right "on the spot". First our photographers use digital cameras to capture high resolution pictures. Then they mount the pictures in decorative frames in time for your guest to take a keepsake of your event home with them. The border of the image can be customized for your event. Customized borders with your logo, website address, email address and other contact information are ideal for advertising and personalizing your event.  For social events, we can add a decorative "Occasion Border" especially designed for weddings, parties, reunions, and many more.
  • We use High Speed/High Quality Photo-Lab systems for customizing and printing images on-site. The images are crisp and dry instantly because we use no ink. This allows us to give your guests the best quality, quickly - without the long wait time. 


What to expect:

  • $125.00 Setup fee, $75.00 each additional hour (fee may be reduced or waived based on arrangement and/or conjunction with freelance photography)
  • High-Speed/Photo-Lab-Quality Printers
  • Print Size = 4x6-$10.00, 5x7-$15.00, 8x10-$20.00 (Prepay options are available for high volume printing)
  • Studio Lighting System (providing even lighting and clean true colors)
  • Digital or Green Screen Background setup
  • Landscape or Key Areas from your venue can be used as the background in your photos. (this may not require photo booth setup)
  • High-Resolution Digital Cameras are used to take digital pictures which are printed at your event.
  • Internet viewing with password protection or viewable to the public, (optional).